The Philosophy

The future of leading is less about authority and more about
inspiring the natural spirit and leader in everyone.

Forward-looking leaders need a new paradigm to navigate unprecedented levels of complexity and uncertainty. In today's networked world, your people are your only competitive advantage.

Engage quality talent by igniting the “Natural Leader Within” everyone on your team across gender, generational and cultural differences. Learn how honoring divergent perspectives drives business performance and prosperity in this new world.

Discover the principles, practices and proven tools of values-centered leading. Performance flourishes naturally when you cultivate the human spirit through purpose and perspective. Experience the incredible results when aligned people give their best in business.

In the Fortune 100 world, we were faced with a daunting customer fatigue challenge. Guiding us on the design and execution of this critical customer-facing project, Mary Cay led the business team through uncharted waters to a new and innovative way to serve our current and emerging markets. She did this in a way that not only inspired the team, but which engaged and delighted our customers; elevating the quality of their service, on a business model that was more cost effective. The project generated real pride among our staff and a deeper confidence among our customer base.
Michael Orrick
Senior Vice President
Thomson Reuters Inc

“The real problem of humanity is the following: we
have Paleolithic emotions; medieval institutions;
and god-like technology. It is terrifically dangerous,
and it is now approaching a point of crisis overall.”

-EO Wilson

Without an understanding of our human design we often unwittingly trigger each other's worst in small ways that undermine engagement and dampen performance. This is tragic because with simple, subtle insights and adjustments we can dramatically improve results by no longer inciting our Paleolithic instincts or inherited patterns.

To make matters worse, the majority of our current business models come from the industrial age where the goal was to manage everything, including people. In today’s transparent, connected business environment, we realize this is not possible and ultimately not healthy for our results, our people or our shared world.

“Old-world” leaders may view the current situation as a crisis. Pioneers see the great opportunity to create a new paradigm where we thrive, together. In this healthy business ecosystem each person embraces their accountabilities – the parts they are naturally designed to deliver – with ease and energy.

We flourish when our spirit is free to shine doing work that matters with others who share our values.

Through Leading Naturally, we foster a culture of peer-partnership based accountability and appreciation that credibly returns value to organizations, customers and, most importantly, each member of a team. This is the place where our individual and collective purpose, strengths, and culture come together to create real value and sustainable business performance.

Pioneering the Future Together

Prospering in today’s world requires that we each honor our unique combination of values, gifts, skills and experiences. As we nurture our natural genius we move from competition to collaboration with like-spirit individuals. Our work at Leading Naturally prominently features collaboration with progressive business consulting firms and leaders who believe in our tenets and share our values.

Together we are stronger. When we do work we love, with others who share our purpose and values, we cultivate healthy interdependence and a life-business ecosystem that flourishes.

Ash Robinson

BON.FIRE guides companies and leadership teams to ignite a people-focused performance culture during times of growth, pivot or transition. At the convergence of science and spirit, we integrate neuroscience-grounded approach to human design with an experiential engagement model that unlocks the best of each individual and the collective. Our “new-world” approach to business structures ignites the ways in which both people and business thrive.

FMG Leading

FMG Leading is a premier business advisory firm that helps clients accelerate growth and maximize value through world-class human capital

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GagenMacDonald Gagen MacDonald is a strategy execution consulting firm specializing in internal communication, employee engagement, culture change and leadership development.

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