Life, work, and business flourish when a spark is kindled and the flame of our potential is nurtured. I am dedicated to igniting human performance and inspiring that natural inner phenomenon I call the spirit.

Keynote Speaking
<em>Empowerment Project. (Photograph by Robin Harris)</em>

Empowerment Project. (Photograph by Robin Harris)

I am passionate about people being free, vibrantly alive and fulfilled doing work that adds real value to the individual, business and the world. I play full out and practice what I believe, imperfectly. With my big heart, transparent insights and enthusiasm I will ignite a fire, enliven your organization and inspire new conversations that create velocity.


Popular Keynote Offerings


Leading in the New World Where Relationships Drive Revenue (Up or Down)

Learn the “old world” mistakes and miscues, often in our relationship blind spots, that kill energy.

Igniting the “Natural Leader Within”

Learn the simple insights and subtle shifts that can spark the human spirit and ignite performance in your team or business. Create work you love while collaborating with people who share your values. Experience fulfillment and prosperity flowing into every area of life as you cultivate your “Natural Leader Within.”

Momentum Makers: Shared Purpose + Divergent Perspectives

Create velocity by harnessing gender, generational and cultural differences as fuel for the important shifts and evolutions you need to create a new future together.

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Group Facilitation & Workshops

Do you wish that you could find a facilitator who embodies and inspires the vitality you
desire for yourself and your business? Would you like to move away from boring
business-as-usual events to something that captures your spirit and provides a practical
path for you and your organization to thrive?

Then you’ll love my genuine, enthusiastic and pragmatic approach to freeing the human
spirit. The result: healthy business performance through thriving, engaged people.


Popular Workshop Offerings


Igniting the “Natural Leader Within”

Engage in experiential learning about the “old world” mistakes that limit our growth, fulfillment and vitality as a leader. Discover the root causes of our own and others underperformance. Embrace simple shifts that cultivate the power of the human spirit. This sparks a vitality that ignites performance in your work, team or business.

Leading from Values to Create Real Value

Learn how to harness the power of the collective to create meaningful value for your market and customers. Use the tools of partnership to propel performance and fulfillment in a culture of accountability and appreciation. Establish the foundation for people to thrive by owning “their part” enthusiastically.

Presence + Partnership as the Pathway to Performance

Be a pioneering leader. Learn how to engage the best of others to create an inspiring future with you.

Momentum Makers

We all know about the importance of teams, strategic alignment, and effective execution. So what keeps us from getting the momentum we need? Our blind spots. We have (slightly) skewed perspectives about human design and the requirements for enlivening relationships. Understanding these “trim tabs” is critical to optimizing energy and elevating performance in our networked world. Engage experientially in the subtle yet powerful shifts that build momentum so performance flourishes naturally.

The Power Paradigm

Engage with the fundamentals of human design in an adventurous and experiential way that will transform your relationship to power forever. Tap into the “Natural Leader Within” yourself and your team/business. Leave ready to propel performance and prosperity doing work that matters to you.

Adventures in Values-Centered Living & Leading

Are you ready to really go off-road to unearth your “Natural Leader Within” and enrich your ability to create collaboration under any circumstances? If you value exploration and believe in the power of nature to teach us about ourselves these customized experiential programs will ignite your spirit!

* Workshops can be delivered in one or three day formats

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“MaryCay’s approach of honoring and leading from your values, combined with her deep understanding of partnership, has been so powerful for me in business and in life. I am exhilarated and humbled by how subtle shifts made with clarity can produce such amazing results.”
Rebecca Armen Lyman
Cofounder & Principal,
The Garrigan Lyman Group
Executive Guidance

Ignite Retreat. (Photograph by Robin Harris)

Do you believe that the link between human beings and value creation is undeniable? Do you struggle to fulfill on the promise of people and business thriving together?

I guide executives, leaders and organizations to fulfill on the potential of their business performance through the power of people. Through practical, proven-tools and inspiring perspectives I guide you to optimize your business growth by tapping into the “Natural Leader Within” every member of your teams and organizations.

I believe that when we ignite our unique, genuine “Natural Leader Within” and work in values-aligned commitment with others, we create fulfilling lives, thriving businesses and a well world. Like the sun I am committed to nurturing life by shining my intense, powerful, warm and nurturing spirit.

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