What the Horse Taught Me: Feedback Hurts & Helps

Tuesday 01.08.17
  Some things stick with you. The things you remember for a long, long time afterward. Last spring, I was doing a leadership program with horses and a gelding named JetStar taught me a lesson which stuck with me. A long story short, Jetstar bit me. Right in the bum. Hard. Hilarious, right? I remembered it every time I sat down, every time I moved for two months. The bruise was enormous. This memento was, yes, an injury, but it was also feedback. Horses don’t hold back; they speak their “truth” instantly and powerfully.  They have no hidden agenda. This is not always true of your boss! What Is Feedback? Feedback is information distilled into insight,

Roots & Wings: Leading to Cultivate Growth

Wednesday 26.07.17
One of the sayings in my childhood home was that we collected memories, not belongings. Keeping our material possessions light was probably one of my mom’s strategies for navigating six rambunctious kids. Given the nomadic nature of our family, we tend to be pretty light on possessions.  Despite many moves over the decades, one gift my mom still keeps on display in her family room is a mother’s day plaque I gave her when I was 12.  It says, “Thank you, Mom, for giving us roots and wings.” She said the reason she keeps it is because she felt so seen when she read it because that’s exactly what she and my dad were after: Roots and wings. We were not